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{Music playing.}

Jordan: {Sleeping.}

Connor: {Enters wearing Darth Vader mask and Harry Potter robes.} {Points at Jordan.}

Jordan: {Wakes up and freaks out.}

Connor: {Takes off mask} You are the chosen one.

Jordan: What? I'm the chosen one? Connor, what does that mean; siriouly? I'm the chosen one?


Connor: {Slowly loses smile, puts down arm, puts on mask, and dives out the door.} [Scream]

Jordan: Whatever, I'm goin', I'm goin' back to sleep.

Mason: To prepare yourself for marriage, you must think, I am going to bury this person?

{Zoom in on: "It's real life. It's the philosophy of real life."} {TAXI DRIVER WISDOM}

Mason: {Nodds} I guess? People are scared of people here, while I'm not even scared of a tiger.

Connor: {Walks dejectly down hall, sets down mask, and picks up potion flask.}

Mason: The car, it drives itself, you just ask it to turn. Man, thats bullcrap!

Connor: {Shakes flask.}

Mason: Connor, what is that?

Connor: A potion!

Mason: What kind of potion Connor?

Connor: {Turn tword camera.} [Cackle]

Mason: Connor, whats in that potion?

Connor: [Cackle]

Mason: {Close book.} Eat wisdom!