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Mr. MilkShank's first series. The more you watch the less you understand.

Part 1 Edit

Transcript Edit


Gandolf the Gay (G. G.): Hey guys. [Music.] We need to take this stupid ring to my grandma's house. I DON"T KNOW WHY! SHE NEED THIS RING! But before we go we should decide some kind of Ring Bearer to hold the ring, ya know, just for reasons. Ya know like hold it because they need the responsibility. Ya know, Connor, do you want to hold the ring? {Connor spazes out.} Mason do you want to be the ring bearer?

Mason: {Shakes head} No.

G. G.: Take it! [ZAP!] But don't wear that ring, 'cause if you wear that ring, you turn invisable. Ya know, like oh, no one can see me [beard]. But ya know what happens? It happens at a price. I don't know, I don't know how much, it costs; but there's some kind of price for it, I don't know. So, ya, come on gang

Mason: {Jumps off bunk} GANG! [Next scene.] Oh, crap! I forgot the ring; be right back.

G. G.: WHAT?!?

Kenzie: Your so stupid!

G. G.: {Dance thing}


Mason: Crap, its gone. Wonder if its in this closet. {Opens closet.} {Falls to ground and screams} Its [the ring] my pocket! {Puts on ring.}

(Music and Danial turns into Knife Guy.)

Mason: {Screams a lot.}

Danial: {Stabs Mason, stabs Tobby, and dances down stairs.}

Credits roll.